Long Neck, Delaware 19966

Frequently Asked Questions

Captain Eric Shoaff
What do I need to bring?

Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes, plenty of fluids, sunblock, towels, beach essentials, toys for kids, and umbrellas.

What size cooler can I bring on board?

We have a large boat cooler that you may use.  However, we suggest bringing your own also.  Soft coolers are the way to go, but we can accommodate just about any size cooler you have.

How long are the tours?

We are offering Full-Day Adventures, Half-Day Adventures and Sunset Cruises. Extended trips and special lengths may be accommodated. Visit our Adventures Page for more details.

Are we going to stop for food?

It is a BYOB and BYOF setting with us. Make sure to pack a picnic lunch to avoid being hungry!  Please keep in mind if anyone gets out of control due to alcohol the captain will immediately end the charter.

Can we fit everything into the half-day tour?

We highly recommend going for the full-day tour so you can do all that you want. This is because some activities may have time restrictions. However, if you are short on time, the half-day tour is still a wonderful option, and we will work to customize it for you.

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